Easy Homemade Dog Food Meal

bringing the people behind our food to

life today we’re going to make a mutt

loaf whether your dog is a purebred or a

mixed breed they’re going to love this

simple easy meal that’s made from very

natural simple ingredients we’re gonna

start here with two and a quarter pounds

of 85% lean ground beef I like to use

that because it doesn’t have too much

fat in it and then we’re going to use

four eggs they can be white or brown

whichever you prefer put them in the

food processor along with some kidney

beans the kidney beans are going to add

potassium magnesium and a little bit

more fiber in addition to the vegetables

if you’re worried about gas don’t worry

we’re going to blend them up it’s going

to help break it down but I also add a

quarter teaspoon of cinnamon that helps

to prevent gas a little trick if you’re

making your own chili and then a sprig

of rosemary about a teaspoon of it and

then a quarter teaspoon of garlic powder

we’re going to process that up real

quick so it’s well blended not bad I’m

just going to clean that out so I’m

going to switch to a shredding blade and

the food processor the reason I like to

do that is these carrots and the

potatoes are going to absorb more of the

meat flavor if they’re shredded and

they’re not going to be so finely

chopped so we’re just going to shred

these guys up real quick

we’ll do all of our potatoes

I use three medium size potatoes get

those guys in there quick and easy

and a little bit of extra skin there

that’s okay I like to include the skins

on them though because the skins

actually contain about one-fifth of the

nutrition in the potatoes a little bit

of more fiber and now if you’re going to

make a meatloaf there’s only one way to

do it and that’s to take off your ring

so do it with your hands if I’m doing it

with a spoon it’ll take a little bit too

much time so I’m just going to mix it

all together

now you can do it in a casserole pan you

can also do it in smaller loaf pans I

prefer actually now to do it in a muffin

tin because if I do it in a muffin tin

I’m actually going to be able to have

individual size portions and I just make

a little bit of a ball of it lay it in

there no making a meatloaf muffins here

pretty tasty so you don’t have to pack

them too tight and you probably don’t

want to overfill them too much because

they can have a little tendency to leak

out over your pan if you think that

they’re going to boil over a little bit

you can also put a cookie sheet in the

oven and we’re going to put these into a

oven that’s preheated at 350 degrees and

they’ll cook for about 55 minutes in

this form if you do a larger pan or do

it all in one big casserole they’ll

probably take about an hour in 10

minutes so let’s put them in the oven so

after 50 minutes they’ll be ready you

want them to be about 155 degrees if

you’re checking with a meat thermometer

each muffin is about 300 calories so

that’s less than a normal cup of dry

food so it’s pretty low in calories even

though it’s full of meaty flavor for a

10 pound dog I would give them probably

a half one of these per day and for 40

pound dogs maybe 2 or 3 for larger dogs

they could actually have 4 or 5 so you

break it up let it cool off a little bit

and as soon as you do that it’s ready to

eat I’ll bite so these will stay good in

a refrigerator for three to five days

the muffin size is really great for

storing in the freezer if you’re going

to store it for a little bit longer if

you have a smaller dog and it’s a really

simple easy recipe that help you feed

your best friend better

his energy just waned he did

want to curl up in his bed didn’t want

to move didn’t want to eat so I said

okay but if you’re going out you’re

going out in style so I start kind of

just throwing things together I had no

idea what I was doing and result was he

actually started moving around wanting

to eat a little bit more and after 18

months the oncologist said I never get

to tell people this you don’t have to

bring them back I’m gonna make salad for

dogs and their cones with meat croutons