True Costs of Raising Pigs

bringing the people behind our food to

life the thing for consumers to know as

far as an economic challenge goes is

that the pigs that the pigs that turn

into pork that you buy traditionally and

at your supermarket our pigs that are

raised in barns with lots of pigs and so

it’s it’s economies of scale and when

you raise your animals in a barn and

you’re raising a certain type of native

animal that is gets fat in a certain

amount of time and so the whole process

is very standardized when you have those

types of economies of scale the big

companies can produce pork at a lower

cost but the costs aren’t gone they just

might not be what you’re paying out of

your pocketbook there are going to be

environmental costs with raising so many

animals in such close confinement

they’re going to be economic justice

issues when you raise your animals in

such close confinement because you’re

having to pay people to go in the

buildings and and deal with these

animals on a day to day basis they’re

potentially health costs in order to

raise animals and confinement like that

you’re going to have to be that the

companies are going to be using

medically important antibiotics so what

happens when your antibiotics don’t work

anymore because antibiotics have been

overused in pork production there are

going to be animal welfare costs the

animals that are in large buildings with

thousands of other animals they’re not

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getting to experience the Sun on their

back they’re not getting to be pigs

they’re not getting to be rooting in the

dirt to be rooting in the dirt getting

the nutrients that they want so just

because you might not be paying out of

pocket for your pork at the supermarket

when you’re buying conventional pork you

are paying other ways I didn’t even

mention the tax subsidies that go into

supporting from the government from your

tax dollars that go into supporting

these types of operations so my pigs the

pork from my pigs might be more

expensive largely because it’s

reflecting my true costs I don’t get

subsidies from the government my pigs

are out

I’ve had to buy specific genetics of

pigs that can be outside because my pigs

the genetics of my pigs are grossly

different than the genetics of the pigs

that are being raised in conventional

systems so my pork will be higher the

reviews of heritage pork is that it’s

it’s lightened day compared to a

supermarket pork because it has had the

opportunity the pig have had an

opportunity to suck in the sunlight and

to get what they need out of the earth

there’s a different flavor plus my pigs

aren’t couch potatoes there they’re

getting up there running around they’re

moving they’re going out and they’re

eating or the routing and they’re

running back and they’re drinking and

that movement helps make a better

quality pork than a pig that is just

spending largely all of its day laying

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on a cement floor in a covered building

they really are a perfect food