Making Artisan Bread

bringing the people behind our food to

life I think one of the reasons that the

artisan bread movement is really kicking

off or is really popular now is that

people really want to have a connection

to their food and so to make their own

bread with something that’s so basic is

that it’s really appealing to people one

of the things that is a challenge for

for people at home is to have to find

the time to make bread so one of the

things that I talked about in the bread

making process is the fermentation and

it’s actually that the long fermentation

time and extended fermentation time and

we’re talking two hours for people to

have that patience that I think that’s

one of the challenge is another thing is

the amount of water so people at home

tend to they think the dough is really

sticky and so they add more flour and

then that ends up with what kind of a

dense loaf and so if if you can use a

technique like the like the noni

technique where we’re using a good

amount of water in the dough not made

manipulating it too much you’re actually

gonna have a really nice product now one

of the challenges for for home Baker’s

is having the right oven the type of

oven we use here is it’s called a deck

oven so we have wheel harf that the

bread gets deposited on and

a really intense heat gives us a really

nice spring in the bread. Xem them chuyen phat nhanh tai sai gon cua viexpress

  Greenhouse Farming

the other thing is is that when we put the bread in the

oven there’s steam that gets injected

into the oven so that creates a really

nice moist warm environment for the

bread to rising we have to have a wet

environment in the oven so that the

crust doesn’t set immediately so putting

bread into a hot dry oven the crust will

set and so it has nowhere to go and and

that’s what people have trouble with

kind of irregular loaves or things that

don’t necessarily look look the best so

there are a couple techniques that we

recommend for that one is introducing

steam with a spray bottle or some ice

right when you put the bread in the oven

the other that works really well I use

an enameled cast iron pot so I actually

preheat a cast-iron Dutch oven and then

you can deposit the bread in the and the

hot Dutch oven put the lid back on the

bread creates on steam so we actually

get a really nice beautiful loaf I think

if you know a little bit more about what

makes artisan bread special or unique

for instance the using the light amount

of water

using that extended presentation

technique not needing too much or adding

extra flour and then baking it in a

proper proper way you can actually have

really good results at home