How To Make Oysters Rockefeller

bringing the people behind our food to

life today we are going to do a sirs

Rockefeller the first step to Oysters

Rockefeller is to properly shuck an

oyster to do so you’ll to have a towel

an oyster knife and the oyster every

waster has the top and the bottom the

bottom being the deeper cup now we can

always shuck an oyster like this but

that can be that can be very dangerous

so we will take the oyster hinge out

this is your hinge and cover this with

the towel so that we don’t stab

ourselves place the oyster knife into

the hinge give it a nice turn once you

hear it pop you’ll take the oyster knife

and clear the adductor muscle from the

top turn this oyster round and go from

the bottom clearing that adductor muscle

there as well again hinge bottom down

sometimes they can be they can be a

little difficult so you may have to go

if the hinge is pointing down have to go

up again once you’re in pop let the

knife do the work run it along the top

of the shell slice that adductor muscle

just like so turn it around the adductor

muscle is attached to the bottom and we

will clear there don’t worry if you get

shell you can easily just knock that

shell out you’ve got a lot of juice in

here that’s really important because

that should that’s your flavor one more

time big side down point inside the

hinge turn let the knife do the work

stay along the top clear that your

doctor muscle will always be found right

here if the hinge is here will always be

located right there Shell’s out clear

the adductor muscle there

place them on rocks oscillate so they

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don’t fall over and you can keep all

that wonderful juice inside and that’s

how you properly shuck an oyster after

your shucking your oysters we will start

with the Rockefeller here I have two

quarts of baby spinach two bunches of

living watercress we are going to puree

that with a little bit

with a little bit of ice water and one

tablespoon of garlic and that’ll pure

eight you get a that’ll go to you have a

really nice smooth puree about twenty to

thirty seconds

next I will add in one cup of onions to

saute in one cup of butter to this

butter onion mix we are going to remove

the top to our food processor and to

that we will remove anything that did

not get processed we will add this very

carefully to your butter and onion

mixture being very careful there is

water in here and that can splatter

we’re going to saute the onions and the

puree with with the butter and garlic

for a few moments keeping putting the

ice water into the into the food

processor allows it to puree smoothly

and also keeps the puree nice and bright

green speaking of green one of the

theories behind the Rockefeller is that

it’s so green that is in green as the

color of money and when this dish was

invented john d rockefeller was the

richest man in the world is one theory

the the other was being that it’s such a

rich dish that that it was named after

rockefeller as well so this will cook

down just for a little bit it’s got a

lot of water in it still so we want to

evaporate that that that water to this

we are going to add a little bit of

Tabasco it’s about a tablespoon we are

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going to add this is absinthe we are

going to add one tablespoon of absinthe

as well

also we are going to add breadcrumbs to

this the breadcrumbs is going to allow

the puree to to set up you can make this

puree to three four days that will last

in the fridge for about a week you can

do this in advance and the day of your

oyster rockefeller party you can take

that out of the fridge when it cools

down with that with that bread in there

it’s going to set up and then you’ll

take a spoon and go directly on top of

your oysters we’ll show that in a second

so we’ll take this is 1/4 cup so we’ll

take 1/2 cup of bread breadcrumbs there

stir that in nicely as you’ll see the

bread will start to thicken this puree

up it will clump so you can use a whisk

or spoon this stuff will start to get

nice and bubbly and very hot always

being careful next we will add our salt

it’s about 1 tablespoon of salt kosher

salt to work or sea salt in this case

now turn your fire down when it really

starts to bubble we’re also going to add

the juice of half a lemon careful not to

get the seeds in there

you can see there it’s getting nice and

bubbly and thick important step into any

cooking is to always taste and that’s

very good if I do say so myself

so here we have our three petits oysters

and with the oysters you can you can

shut these in advance I’ve got some rock

salt here that will help to keep the

oyster from turning over but you can you

can shut these in advance a couple hours

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in advance before your guests come over

and just set this in the in the

refrigerator so as you can see we’ve got

a very nice thick puree here so we’ll

take a spoonful of the puree to go on

each of these and we’ll just ladle that

right over there just like so

now with this cold if you if you do this

in advance then you can you can heat

your oysters up so the oysters are nice

and hot

then put your puree on and then those

will go into the oven for approximately

3 to 4 minutes until your Rockefeller

are nice and hot if they do get hot so

be careful then we’ll take some Parmesan

cheese and we will grade that directly

onto the oyster more is better

you can also pre grade this this

parmesan if you want I like to do it

right before I use it

once you’ve graded your cheese you’re

going to go back into the into the oven

you want the broiler to to melt the

cheese and give it a nice nice Brown you

probably need to keep your eye on this

they can take anywhere from a minute to

two minutes after about a minute or two

we’ll check our Oysters Rockefeller

under our broiler and the cheese has

Carmela’s nice and brown

they’re always served your oysters with

your baked oysters Rockefeller with a

couple slices of lemon as you can see

the cheese got nice and brown and that’s

Oysters Rockefeller at that time there

was no laws

there was nothing had no way to regulate

we realized after the pulp mills that

water quality was really important to us