How to Make Fresh Fruit Soda

bringing the people behind our food to

life and today we’re going to make fresh

brewed soda out of whatever berry is in

season and today we’ve got some nice

boysenberries raspberries and some


so what you need to start with is simple

syrup and that’s simple because it’s

just water and sugar equal parts and

we’re going to start here with 1 cup of

water and we’re going to use 1 cup of

sugar and it doesn’t have to be exact

but just pretty close and we’re going to

get some nice little cup there ok just

heat it up get a little flame there we

go and it just takes a minute and what’s

going to happen as it heats up it’ll

come to a simmer and that’s when it’s

done that’s when all the little crystals

will be dissolved

it just takes 5 minutes you can see if

dissolving in there and right when it

comes to a simmer is when it’s all

dissolved the reason we’re heating this

is just to get the crystals to dissolve

and they’ll be all gone it’s pretty much

when it comes to a simmer just about now

there’s a couple little guys in there

and I’m stirring it just to help it

along a little bit and we’re almost

there and what we’re going to do and I

see here it’s just a little light simmer

there now that it’s come to a simmer I’m

just going to move it to the back burner

here I let it cool down so now what

we’re going to do is juice the berries

you can use any berry you want but what

you must do is get the juice out and

leave the seeds behind and that’s what

we’re going to do now I’m going to take

a measuring cup and a strainer I’m going

to drop my berries in there and what

I’ve done is I’ve already had them

frozen and they’ve thawed and that

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pretty much takes all the juice out and

what we’re going to do is to smoosh it

through and our goal is to leave the

seeds behind and just get our juice

just takes a little smush in here these

look pretty yummy they’re beautiful

beautiful berries mmm they smell so good

there we go

I’m going to set this aside here there’s

our berry juice and you can work at this

for a while but I’ve got all the juice I

need right there now we’re going to make

our Seltzer you can buy Selter at the

store or you can use one of these

Seltzer bottles and I’ll show you how to

do that just put the water into the

bottle it holds about a liter of water

you can hear when it gets full here yep

there you go until it’s filled up yeah

stick in the siphon part close it up the

trick here is just to make sure you get

a good and tight just twist this down

there we go and then this has the co2

cartridge in it and kind of fun you can

hear it on it there you go now we have

seltzer water alright I’m just going to

shake it a little bit now it’s better if

you let this sit for an hour too and let

it get really bubbly it takes a while

for that co2 to dissolve into the water

now we’re ready to have our soda what

I’m going to do is put the seltzer water

in the glass we’re going to do that

first and the reason we’re doing that is

so you can decide how much flavor you

want in there there we go alright so I’m

going to put a little bit in here first

and what you essentially have is just a

flavored water but we’re making soda and

I’m going to put a lot more in there

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because I like really flavorful soda and

then I’ve got some simple syrup that’s

already been cooled down and you can

decide how sweet you want and I’m just


a splash in there and now we get to

taste it mmm it’s a little bit tart I

like it but let’s put a little more

simple syrup in there and just give it a

taste again just a splash all right here

we go again

that’s actually perfect so you get to

play around a little bit and figure out

how sweet or how tart you like your soda

I like to make berry soda because it’s

got incredible flavors the acids in the

berries are really delicate and complex

and if you have a chance try to get

yourself some Oregon berries because

they’re really special fantastic flavors

in these berries so now for our

watermelon soda I’m going to take this

and put it in the bowl

very Julia Child like here get it in

there all right let’s get this out of

the way and I’ve got in this case some

lime juice because we need to give it

the acidity the berries have great

acidity watermelon no acidity so we’re

going to put that in there I’m going to

make it just a Titch sweeter with some

of the simple syrup we made earlier it’s

a splash and again the acids had the the

lemon juice or lime juice and the simple

syrup it’s all up to you this is where

you get to have fun with this okay I’m

going to put a little bit of water in

there just to make it easier to blend

again not even a third of a cup in there

now I’ve got this really cool gadget

it’s called an immersion blender we’re

just going to puree this bad boy up


it’s still little frozen doable there we

go now we’re getting it yeah there we go

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we got ourselves watermelon kool-aid

all right I think that’s good let’s get

it to here now the reason I’m pouring it

through this sieve is there’s still some

little seeds in there that aren’t going

to make it through this siphon so we

want to get those out of there let’s get

that and I need a spoon here we go it’s

looking pretty good

see it’s leaving the solids behind and

getting us some nice watermelon juice

okay and now we’re going to give it a

taste just to make sure it’s the flavor

we like let’s give it a go yeah that’s

good I like that so now we’re going to

put our watermelon juice into the

Seltzer bottle perfect okay and we need

to charge it with the co2 should we get

it right here let’s get a good and snug

here we go charge it with the gas and

there we go here we go ready yeah okay

and we’re good for taste in here let’s

go oh this is looking good

okay so we can do is we can garnish it

with a lemon and a basil leaf and if

you’d like you can give it a little bit

of kick with some vodka that’s one fun

way I like to do it here we go mmm and

that’s a fun way to have a watermelon

and the front of this is you get to

experiment and find out what you really

like and use what’s in season pretty

simple easy to do back in the mid late

80s we were asked to participate in a

local farmers market so we went down and

sold our strawberries at the farmers

market and kind of came home and went

wow that was a lot of fun and got a

better price for our berries and we did

at the cannery