Cows In Business

bringing the people behind our food to

life the reason I decided to raise

jerseys is I I grew up with them that’s

predominately what my father milked but

they’re a more personable cow they’re

inquisitive they’re curious they want to

be around you and they’re smaller and

they’re easier to manage for me they

have fewer health maintenance issues

they’re very efficient with reproduction

come on ladies come on ladies as far as

their product they’re the components of

their milk or what differentiate their

milk from other fluid milk which is

basically Holstein milk

and here where the milk is Jersey milk

is 15 to 20 percent higher in protein

calcium vitamin A vitamin b1 and b2 more

lactase and it also has a higher fat

content note fat content in it there’s

nothing nothing that is as close to me

as those girls

I suppose second to family they’re the

most important thing in my life my whole

life literally revolves around them from

my business to even what motivates me

and drives me is the challenge of

developing and raising these little

girls from the time you see a baby calf

hit the ground when she comes out all

wet to the time she gives birth to her

first calf at two years of age to the

time they become mature cows so when I

go on vacation I guarantee my vacation

venue is going to have a cow involved in

it somewhere

now is that really vacation she’s been

champion at Clark County Fair three

  A Small Scale Integrated Livestock Farm

times at two times last year she was

reserved been champion at the Oregon

State Fair once we see how she’s got

veins in her inner utter dairy farmers

we like that typically a good sign of

milk production and there was her

daughter mama and Mama Cass

last year I went the vacation to Madison

Wisconsin to the world Dairy Expo and a

descendant from one of my cows won her

two-year-old class at both the world

Dairy Expo and the all-american Jersey

show that was a probably one of the

biggest highlights of my career should I

say the biggest challenge of being in

the dairy business prior to my bottling

operation was the volatility of the milk

prices I mean they’re constantly

changing and never really kept at a high

enough level to sustain profitability so

you’re always at a constant financial

battle which is why I decided to try and

find my own niche in the market

establish my own price this is a tube

out filler the smallest they made new is

a six valve rotary filler a dairyman in

Vancouver Washington had retired from

the bottling business and he had a small

setup and he priced it very fair at a

point where I could purchase it and get

it installed and then it was just a

matter of marketing the product getting

it out there and hoping it would sell we

use bat pasteurization which is the

lowest heat held for the longest time

and we do not homogenize we leave our

milk natural in its natural state with

  Homemade Sausage

the milk fat still in its original state

as it comes right out of calyx

when we started bottling we we did

plastic and glass and when we got to the

market started selling we sold out of

glass milk instantly and quickly

discovered that the niche forest was in

the glass bottled milk there’s little

cows clementine not very big

this is Keeley this is

Keeley’s daughter Kendra and that’s

classy sister Kathy and that’s another

cousin over there key its cami Casey

dairyman are by nature pretty

conservative and unless you’re willing

to take a gamble in a risk and accept

the challenge and the workload of not

only running a dairy farm but an

entirely second entity itself in a

distribution of processed milk may be

pretty daunting to a lot of people it

was daunting to me but I knew that it

was going to be the only way I could

keep these cows so I took the risk

ladies ladies give us some room to get

to where I am now I would say took a lot

of perseverance a great deal of

determination and not not allowing

yourself to give in to the challenges

that a person’s face within the dairy

industry and taking on another business

like become on a producer distributor

and without the great product I have

I might not have succeeded but because I

have a great product with Jersey milk

it’s it’s going in the right direction

originally I think most everything was

was the VAT pasteurization style but

because that pasteurization even though

it removes the risk of harmful bacteria

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it doesn’t give you an extended