A Small Scale Integrated Livestock Farm

bringing the people behind our food to

life I consider us a a small-scale

diversified livestock farm

you’re attracting where we raise

chickens for meat and eggs pigs turkeys

goats cows it’s just a kind of a back to

the roots of how how people used to farm

and there was more of a wide variety of

things on the farm rather than mostly

what we see now okay see let’s go what I

love about farming is our connection

with the land and our connection with

our customers we have been able to grow

food that is better than I ever thought

existed to be able to share that with as

many people as we can has just been so

incredibly rewarding

no eggs today they haven’t been laying

about well lately we got into farming

almost by accident we were living in the

city and were kind of wanted a place to

have a big garden and we were looking at

at houses that had big Lots

and then after we got out here we

thought now what do we do so we do have

electric fence around here like the one

right above your head eventually we kind

of started meeting certain people at

just the right times I met a guy who

kept telling me that I need to get goats

and I don’t want no goats and so finally

he just took me to the auction and came

home with ten goats that night

we had a friend of a friend who had

seven chickens that they wanted to get

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rid of and it’s like okay we’ll take

some chickens and then seven chickens

quickly grew to 30 chickens quickly grew

to 80 chickens and now you know we have

hundreds and hundreds of chickens after

having fresh farm raised Pig we realize

it okay we we need to try this so we

raised two pigs the next year and now

we’re raising 16 pigs and probably more

every year

pigs get rotting up too they get a

little testy if they don’t get their day

every day but not always the most

graceful the food those things happen at

the right time when we were ready and

the same with the cows come on Luna I’d

read an article in a magazine about

hello jazz a farmer who grew up having

his own cows and the very last sentence

of that article said to this day I’ve

never had store-bought ice cream come on

jasmine and this light bulb went off in

my head it’s like what are we doing

buying cream at the store we need to get

a cow and then a few days later we had

some friends over and I just happened to

mention that and one of them said oh the

people we get our milk from have to get

rid of their cows and so they they

hooked us up and she’s been a great

asset to the farm she’s a sweetheart

let’s go after we we were going to

rebreathe her again two months before

they calves you have to dry them off and

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then without oh no or two months without

milk and without cream what are we going

to do oh we need to get another cow and

then stagger their breathing

grass is extremely important to the

goats and the cows I mean they’re I mean

that’s what they’re designed to eat so

when they’re fed things other than grass

like a lot of grains they it just

completely disrupts their whole internal

system and it and it shows in the milk I

often think of ourselves as grass

farmers rather than Cal farmers or goat

farmers and we we also integrate our

chickens into our grass growing program

grass-fed milk I mean there’s just no

comparison once you try it you can taste

the difference and you can also taste

the seasonality in the grass too you can

actually taste the changes in milk which

when they’re fed grains year-round

basically it’s it’s always the same and

you kind of lose that contact with with

with the with earth when you’re when

you’re not grass feeding far more work

than we ever imagined that would be and

especially when we were both working

full-time and doing this I mean we would

get up 4:00 in the morning work for a

few hours go to work come home work till

dark and then go to bed and do it all

over again every single day it was

starting to wear on us so I mean that

that was probably the biggest challenge

and then now that Linda has been able to

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to be a full-time farmer it’s it’s

helped considerably our farm kind of

grew slowly as we were able to grow

along with it and and and our customer

base was able to grow along with the

speed that we grew our farm so it it

just worked out perfect that we didn’t

get too big too fast and we were able to

still able to make all our customers

happy and still sell just about

everything we raised and I mean it’s

just been I mean I couldn’t have asked

for it to go any better I love just

watching them out on the grass I could

just I could just spend my day up here

just watching them run around

the reason we’re in this position with

raw milk being demonized I part of it as

political and part of it but mostly it’s

its money